There She Is: The Podcast

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Real-life tips and tricks from the pageant stage to real life. Hosted by MAO competitor and lifestyle blogger Meghan Rubadou, There She Is is a series of inspiring conversations with guests from across the state of Massachusetts and the US who provide listeners with concrete advice and lessons they can apply to their lives everyday.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep. 1 What It Takes // Authenticity

    Welcome back to a brand new series of There She Is: The Podcast! In this series titled, What It Takes, I'll be having conversations with guests regarding just that: what it takes to be an effective titleholder. In this first episode, I had the privilege of talking with ...


  2. Win The Room // Evening Wear

    In this final episode of the Win The Room series, I’m thrilled to share my conversation with Forever Miss Georgia 2018, Annie Jorgensen. We talk evening gown style, confidence, and how style can be a source of empowerment in your life, on and off the pageant stage. ...


  3. Win The Room // Interview

    In this 4th episode of Win The Room, Meg talks with MAO pageant judge and local director, Greg Dandio about what can make and break your interview performance in the context of both pageantry and real-life. If you are a human, interviewing will inevitably show up throughout your ...


  4. Win The Room // Lifestyle+Fitness

    In this episode of Win The Room, Meg and Miss America 2017 Savvy Shields discuss the beauty and importance of lifestyle and fitness in everyday life and on the pageant stage. I seriously cannot wrap my head around my ultimate role model being a guest on my little baby podcast. ...


  5. Win The Room // On-Stage Q

     In this episode, Meg and guest, Taylor Kinzler, break down all there is to know about the value of the On-Stage Question/On-Stage Interview phase of pageant competition. I am so thankful for the time she took out of her day to sit down and share her truth and wisdom with ...